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Playboy 67 8'10

The Playboy 67 is a tweaked out playboy! While the playboy is directly inspired by the boards Australian?s surfed circa 66/67 (think Nat Young hot generation), this variation sits a little later in the same time period. Think more vee, and more knifey. Playboy 67 demands the rider surf on rail, from the centre of the board. A deep, panel vee bottom runs down about three quarters of the board, reaching its apex about two foot in front of the fin before rolling back out towards the tail. Playboy 67 keeps the Playboy outline for the most part, however the tail is chopped further up the board, moving the widepoint even further back and providing more area through the tail. A wider tail compliments the bladed rails as they tend to bite a little deeper into the face of the wave as you drive through each turn. Playboy 67 is an incredibly exciting board to figure out. With commitment and dynamic surfing, you will be surprised by the unlimited potential of this board.

Light purple top & bottom, volan patches, 6mm cedar stringer, gloss polish, purple leash bridge.

Recommended Fins ? T, P, High Aspect, Speed Fin

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