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Sleeveless Slice Vest Baby Pink/Ice (Mens)

Creme wetsuits are designed to feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Simple suits with no internal braces or gussets and clean low abrasion glued seams. Our rubber repels water keeping it super light weight in and out of the water and very fast drying.

A tried and tested design with minimal stitching and the use of incredibly soft flexible and warm yamamoto rubber.

Each suit is hand cut and assembled from our unique patterns and features: 2mm yamamoto rubber

 Important Care Instructions 
Our suits are designed simply for comfort and warmth. Each one is carefully hand made in Japan with premium materials.

To ensure that your suit lasts you should rinse after each use in fresh COLD water. It is critical for the longevity of the rubber and glue that they are not exposed to hot water or left in direct sunlight. The glues and material are designed for cold water and will break down over time if exposed to too much heat. So it is important to avoid hot showers in your suit and to always hang it in the shade.

Yamamoto rubber is incredibly soft hence the amazing flexibility and comfort of these suits. This soft rubber can tear with undue force or with sharp items such as fingernails or fins. Please be carful to pull your suit on with open palms, avoid storing in wet boxes with sharp fins, screwdrivers etc.

There is no warranty on these suits, but if you treat it well it will last and will be the warmest most comfy suit you have worn!